Air Wick needed a big, bold new global brand campaign that went beyond “home fragrance”. To us, they needed to become a scent company with a new mantra that rallied the company together, guided the brand, and influenced future innovations. The tagline Scent Moves Us was born, and finally stated to customers what they believe in. Visually we created a new look that set them a part from the category, and elevated their message to reflect their passion behind scent. In the past 35 years, this was the first global campaign that was bought into by every country.

We created a powerful, emotional campaign about the power of scent. The way it can change the way we think, and act, and feel. And how, at Air Wick, it is the driving purpose behind every single thing they do.

They loved it. But had no anthem film, or big activation, to house a big brand message. We had to put it out there through single product campaigns, which I’m very proud to say, we managed to do.


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