The Super Bowl is special, for more reasons than the obvious. We were able reach millions of people at once for the first time, but this made us debate how we were going to go about communicating our message. The Pedigree Adoption Drive, in the past, would be too serious for this occasion- we didn’t want to bum people out! Instead, we kept the party fun, made some laughs, and got people to think about adopting a dog.

Web Videos: Owner Interviews: These interviews investigate what the owners lives are like without a dog. There are four in all but this one is my fav.

Over 7 million videos were watched which resulted in lots of happy dogs. For every video watched, a bowl of food was donated.


UPDATE: 2-4-10: Voted 3rd favorite Super Bowl Commercial of the Decade by viewers on CBS.

UPDATE: 2-2-10: Coming in at #5, this spot made AdAge’s list of Top Ten Best-Liked Spots of 2009.

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