We created a series of activations to remind Bostonians that jetBlue is their neighborhood airline who has their back.


Get The Flight Out

During the dreaded college MOVING DAY that causes legendary frustrations, we stepped in to help Bostonians GTFO…Get The Flight Out, that is. This moving truck, turned mobile ticket counter showed up and gave people a chance to win tickets to escape to literally anywhere but there. 


Now Leafing Boston 

Enjoying the turning of the leaves is an epic past time for Bostonians, but once those leaves fall, say goodbye to your weekends. The neighborly thing to do? Help clean up by returning yards to an upright and lovely condition in a way only jetBlue can. 

We turned a jet engine into a leaf blower, and utilized other airline equipment to assist in a city wide neighborly leaf clean up.



For Halloween, jetBlue literally moved in to the neighborhood, and turned a mini house into a haunted one that was the coolest on the block. Why? Because full size candy bars, tricks and free flights. It’s what every trick-or-treater hopes for.

Social video teased the spooky event.

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