What’s the World Making Today?

IBM had a new brand platform to launch, and media on The Masters golf tournament to launch it at.

The Masters is a media buy unlike any other. They select three advertisers. And that’s all you see. About 60 spots from each, over five days. So. Instead of running six ads 10 times, we ran 62 ads once. Viewers – most of whom watch the tournament closely from beginning to end – saw a new piece of content every single time an IBM ad aired.

It became a 32-minute case study on the way IBM is changing the way companies work and people do business, all around the globe. Interrupted by golf. The media strategy alone made news. And the ad guys liked it, too.

The entire Ogilvy IBM team – from New York to Singapore – pitched in on the whole effort, conducting an interview here, writing a script there, running a shoot, editing a spot, and on and on. I helped lead the effort overall, and also worked closely on about 16 of the final 62 spots.

These three were a part of a series we called Thought Bombs, where we dropped action-inducing facts paired with colorful fun visuals.

The Made With Hub

The entire campaign lived on IBM’s YouTube channel.

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