Dixie’s Ultra paper plate is quite simply the strongest paper plate on the market. So we stress tested the crap out of it in the most stressful situations we could think of (all very loosely inspired by real Dixie R&D tests). We showed off this series of stress tests on TV, social, print and banners.

Then we capped the series with a live event called RAISING THE BBQ, where we opened a hanging restaurant 40 feet in the air and hired high wire walking waiters to serve up heavy BBQ on Dixie Ultra plates (they handled the pressure, natch).


The High Wire Test
For the television, we showed Test No. 14, our most daring test in which a high wire walker held 2 pounds of steak in each hand.

The Rodeo Test
Test No. 58 featured 2 pounds of cowboy steak and potatoes, one professional bull rider and a real mechanical bull.

The Bowling Ball Test
Test No. 71 featured a Jello bowling ball, 6 Jello bowling pins and a very tall ladder.

The Volcano Test and the Double Boil Test
Were featured social posts as well as lived on the test center hub.

We featured our favorite tests in print.

Raising the BBQ Facebook Live Activation
In a live activation, we went to Kansas City to open a pop up restaurant 40 feet in the air with high wire walking waiters carrying BBQ to the table. This final test, hosted by Adam Richman, was broadcast on Facebook Live to more than 1 million viewers.

Scrub through the hour long event, or watch the recap TV spot below.

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