130 million girls around the world are denied an education. That’s 130 million girls who are more likely to face a lifetime of poverty. Anti-poverty organization ONE.org asked us to show the world just how big this problem is. So we took a rather literal approach. We asked the world to count to 130 million. Out loud. One by one. One number for every girl denied an education.

People from 210 countries and territories have joined #GirlsCount, including celebrities like Tom Brady, Malala Yousafzai, Lena Dunham, Sheryl Sandberg and more.

All told, the site generated more than 577 million social impressions and 26 million media impressions in its first few weeks. Ultimately, all the numbers will be brought together consecutively to form what would be the world’s longest lobby film— 100% user generated. Reminding politicians, and the world, that every girl counts.

You can count too, at girlscount.one.org

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