A show about people who fall in love with a show. Created for XFINITY in partnership with Sharon Horgan. Co­-starring John Ross Bowie and Jamie Denbo.

Episode 1: The Discovery: Married couple Sara and Jason overcome bedtime boredom by starting to watch “the big new show” everyone is talking about.

Episode 2: It’s Bed Time: Sara and Jason have more time to watch their new show, thanks to some creative parenting techniques.

Episode 3: They’re Here: Sara and Jason grudgingly stop watching their show to have friends over for dinner—when they make some shocking discoveries.

Episode 4: The Betrayal: A betrayal of trust puts Sara and Jason’s marriage to the ultimate test, and Jason reveals a steamy secret.

Episode 5: Spoiler Alert: Sara and Jason are forced to navigate the murky, unpredictable world of spoilers.

Episode 6: Le Fin: To distract themselves from the sadness of reaching the last episode of their show, Sara and Jason host a watch party.

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