DermTech is a biotech startup with a truly revolutionary technology – a simple sticker that allows you to test for melanoma at the DNA level. So you can see signs of it earlier, without cutting into your skin. It’s tech that, if widely adopted, could turn the disease from a deadly one into a totally curable one. They’d gotten their message out to healthcare providers, but they were looking for their first patient-focused messaging. 

This was an awesome challenge. Their tone, look and feel before had been very rooted in the pharma/healthcare world, and very centered on a “scar free” solution. We got them to see it was so much more than that. This wasn’t just pharma, it was true tech. This wasn’t just a scar free solution, this was world-changing innovation. This is a company with a product that actually upset the status quo, and they need to talk and act and look like it.

They agreed. So we changed everything.

We created an entirely new brand ID and branded it “The After” named for the new era DermTech’s technology was ushering in.
The central idea
The manifesto
We turned the focus onto the company’s main tech — the sticker — and photographed it to look as heroic as possible.
Here’s a look at the brand “before.”
And a look at the after.

A new focus on “the sticker” as the hero – highlighting the tech itself. A rebrand of their lab to an ownable, high-tech property. A new way to show doctors as tech leaders and forward thinkers. A new way to show patients, as empowered and in control. A new way to talk. A new way to act. And definitely a new way to look. 

We reshot the product, the demo, the lab and the leadership team. We redesigned everything from color to type to photography. We gave them a new brand personality, and tone of voice. And we packaged everything as part of a 100-plus page new brand bible. 

The sticker is now the hero, and, after a virtual photo shoot, it now looks the part.
We also photographed the lab and branded it the DermTech Gene Lab, a high-tech innovation space.
We also applied the new look and voice in building their new website,, which launched in October 2020. 

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